Interview with writer/co-director Joshua Cody



A story of love, loss, and radiation.

New York City: the warmest Christmas Eve since the cold war.

A guy walks into a bar. It’s Ryan, a young Wall Streeter, and the bar is populated with a crew of men in Santa suits. As Ryan meets a series of unforgettable characters, we learn that he has lost three things: his finance job; the love of his life, Erica, a wealthy intellectual who also happened to be his best friend’s girl; and, last but not least, sixty thousand dollars during his failed first-time attempt at delivering cocaine. It’s this last item that he’s meeting someone about — but it’s someone he’s never met before, and he’s never been this scared in his life.

As the drunken crew of Santas stagger out, Ryan’s startled to discover that Erica has been there the entire evening. They haven’t spoken in a year, and their third act pas a deux takes the film to a wholly unexpected conclusion.

Laced with caustic humor, memorable characters, and poignancy, the film ultimately comes together as the story of a couple forced to acknowledge that their history of deception, betrayal, and emotional violence is only a stubborn reluctance to recognize a profound love.